About Blake Rubin

Blake Rubin is a professional in the real estate development industry. Blake is involved in all aspects of the real estate industry from selling homes to knocking them down and building them back up better, he is enamored with the many processes that go into the industry.

What Blake loves specifically about being in real estate is the opportunity to partner the perfect person or family with the perfect home. The happy face on a satisfied client is very rewarding to Blake.

Blake Rubin - philanthropyWhen it comes to rewarding, another aspect to Blake Rubin’s life is the idea of giving back. Blake is a philanthropist at heart and enjoys helping others. An organization Rubin is fond of is the American Red Cross. Throughout his support of the Red Cross, Blake has donated money that has allowed them to help those in need in Haiti and Nepal when they needed it most.

The American Red Cross has a long standing history dating back to 1881. It was at this time in Washington D.C. the organization was established by Clara Barton who was the first President. About 30 years later, the program expanded thanks to Jane Delano who founded the American Red Cross Nursing Service in 1910. The Red Cross was actually initially started in Geneva, Switzerland and Barton took it upon herself to bring a chapter to the United States after spending time with the International Red Cross during the Franco-Prussian War.

Today, the American Red Cross has grown to over 650 chapters nationwide. With over 500,000 volunteers, the Red Cross is able to so many people that are in need the most from natural disasters. Some other prominent backers of the American Red Cross are Reba McEntire, Jim Cantore, Darius Rucker, and Marlee Matlin, whom all are recognized in the National Celebrity Cabinet. The National Celebrity Cabinet was created in 2002 and designed to help the organization highlight and shed light on important initiatives and response efforts of the Red Cross.