Heart of a Hero: Spider-Man Brings Joy to Children in Need

Heart of a Hero

Heart of a Hero is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to give hope to children battling serious illnesses, kids in foster homes, and children with special needs. Founded by Ricky Mena, the idea came to him in a dream. In the dream, he was dressed as Spider-Man and visiting children in need to bring them a glimmer a hope. And from that dream, Heart of a Hero was born.

Ricky Mena, aka Spider-Man, has visited thousands of children in hospitals and care homes all over the country, bearing gifts for every child he meets. Ricky has been witness to the courage that children have, and their bravery amidst the debilitating effects of their condition has further encouraged Ricky Mena to keep doing what he’s doing—bringing joy to children who need it the most. His mission doesn’t come without heartaches. He has had to bid a final farewell to some of his little heroes, and although it breaks his heart to see his little friends succumb to their illness, knowing that he has given them joy in his own small way is more than enough to keep him moving forward.

How you can help

Heart of a Hero operates solely on the personal funds of Ricky Mena as well as donations from generous individuals. You can donate to the foundation through their GoFundMe page, or get in touch with Ricky Mena through his Facebook page to learn more about how you can help.

Blake Rubin is a philanthropist at heart. He regularly donates to the American Red Cross, and has volunteered for other nonprofit organizations as well. Through his donations and volunteer work, he has helped those in need in his own small way. He hopes that his charitable contributions will encourage his family and friends to be generous with their time and resources too.