Pope Francis is Shaping How Millennials Interact With Catholic Philanthropist Organizations

With Pope Francis coming into New York city, streets will be closed, transportation hindered and people swarming in from areas all over the East cCast. Pope Francis is often described as one of most modern popes to come out of the vatican. He comes to us in a time when social theories and perspectives are evolving, and where religious leaders shy away from issues which they feel might misrepresent their religious institutions, the pope threads the conversation line lightly, sprinkling discourse with his own opinions which don’t shy too far from what the Vatican allows.

His presence and position on controversial topics in politics, religion and culture have positioned the vatican as an unexpected avenue for swaying international public opinion, and all eyes are on him as younger generations key into social discourse. Pope Francis views have shaken the core beliefs most people have about the papacy, the expected opinions of a pope, and the face of the Vatican outside of religion.

pope francis

In 2014, an internationally broadcast moment only showcased the pope’s ability to view world issues introspectively, he was quoted saying “Sister, through you I want to thank all religious sisters of the United States…’ Francis said to a beaming Sister Norma. ‘Be courageous. Move forward, always on the front line. And I tell you one thing more — is it ok for the Pope to say this? I don’t know — I love you all very much!

The Huffington Post highlights in this article, the potential influence of the pope on catholic philanthropists in the international community. As the pope’s visit to New York city draws closer, his team continually partners with an increasing number of philanthropic organizations who will also be organizing campaigns around his New York City visit. As external relations between the papacy and catholic philanthropic organizations get stronger, criticism on the pope’s severity with capitalism, the market system and businesses whose values stray away from human dignity are also increasing. The established partnerships with the catholic philanthropy organizations provide a way for the papacy to display alternatives ways of contributing to human life and dignity.

The pope’s visit will not only introduce him to the network of catholic organizations in the city, it will inspire young catholic philanthropists to continue to work hard to reach their religious and organizational goals, and remind the world about how deep the reach of the papacy is.

The Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study found that roughly 3 in 10 millennial Catholics regularly attend mass. These numbers might appear small, but in terms of social influence they matter. Pope Francis’ reach in the millennial demographic continues to increase, and this increase will change how catholic millennials view their fate and donate to the papacy or associated catholic philanthropic organizations.

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